We believe that food is one of the world’s most intriguing yet essential produces/sectors. But through the ages an array of fantastic and tantalising customs, practices, experiments and indulgences have made experiencing various different foods the ultimate indulgence.

Sweet Sensations celebrates this fantastic opportunity via its specialised International offerings. With a specialised and cultured team of well travelled chefs several of the world’s most popular dishes and delicacies have been rigorously focused upon and are now available for customers to select for their specific event.

The offering does not end there as the expertise of the team has meant that certain regional dishes not advertised on our expansive menu offering can be specially requested with a guaranteed positive response. Our Bespoke service operates with this fact in mind and hence ensures that each and every customer is presented with a personalised and tailored service

Some of the International dishes offered within our selection include:

  • Italian
  • West African
  • Nigerian Favourites
  • Chinese
  • Indian

Other Foods styles & types we provide include:


Creative Breaks


Sandwich Platters

Sweet & Savoury Extras

Sandwich Lunch

Finger Buffet

Special Diets / Individual Boxed salads

Finger Food

Cold Fork Buffet

Hot Fork Buffet


Afternoon Tea

Equipment / Staff

Sweets Sensations provide the freshest ingredients:


  • Innovative -    Sweets Sensations is always trying to perfect and create
  • Invigorating - Sweets Sensations bring intense flavours and aromas
  • Ingredients -   Sweets Sensations looks for the freshest and best tasting ingredients
  • Latest News

    Latest News

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  • Tasting Event

    Tasting Event

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