We encourage all of our guests and clients to feed back to any comments about our service. Positive and negative comments are all welcomed so that we can develop our services for you fully.

Tel: 0203 612 0853    Mob: 0779 686 8603

Email: info@sweetsensationsuk.com  |  obikalucaterers@gmail.com

Company Address:
1 Beatrice Road,
N4 4PD
Company Reg: 8522961

Sweets Sensations provide the freshest ingredients:


  • Innovative -    Sweets Sensations is always trying to perfect and create
  • Invigorating - Sweets Sensations bring intense flavours and aromas
  • Ingredients -   Sweets Sensations looks for the freshest and best tasting ingredients
  • Latest News

    Latest News

    Innovative online websites RE THE WAY FORWARD AS Sweet sensations launch A new online platform for the ADVANCEMENT of African food and drinkRead More »
  • Tasting Event

    Tasting Event

    Sweets Sensations UK are about to show the way forward to the African Food Industry in the UK. the Director is planning a for specialist African Food tasting event in 2018.Read More »