Sweet Sensations Catering has often been described by numerous clients as ‘a breath of fresh air’; this is no coincidence because our dedication, skill and time have been injected into a service which cares about its customers. As we have already indicated the whole concept of Sweet Sensations was born out of a love of the food industry.

Our team can boast over 40 years of experience which spans across all sectors and areas of the food industry. From large corporate events, to dinner parties and children’s parties, our service is groomed to perfection and can thus accommodate every type of request.

Our exceptional delivery record has lead to an increase in service demands, which has supported the creation of an elite team of experienced Chefs and support staff. The senior management team of Sweet Sensations have been providing culinary delights within the industry for many years, a love for all things food is combined with a professional business attitude which is further backed up by fully qualified senior and junior staff members.

High food standards, and rigorous hygiene practices are followed within our state of the art food preparation facilities, this investment has been recognised via the national accreditations for food hygiene, safety and preparation. With numerous catering organisations dotted across London we believe and have focused on several key elements which revolve around the 'preparation of food, the presentation of food and the consumption of food'. A core part of our principles is the belief that at the root of any great catering company is its ingredients. We at Sweet Sensations pride ourselves in using only fresh local produce wherever possible, a culture we endeavour to achieve through strong links with local farms and retailers.





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